Door repairs

We replace broken hinges, handles and locks for doors that won’t open or close properly, making sure your door repairs and done and your home is secure.

When doors to your home, or business, have been damaged due to burglars forcing an entry, or some other form of damage having been caused, knowing a trusted professional who can be on your doorstep promptly to deal with the problem speedily can provide real peace of mind.

Window & Door Doctor Anglia Ltd is on hand to respond as a matter of urgency to ensure that your property is secured without delay, the team have a great deal of experience in restoring security with efficiency and courtesy. Due to the wide knowledge and years of experience of Window and Door Doctor, they are often able to conduct repairs to the damaged door/s rather than having to replace the entire door.

Should the damage be caused by criminal activity it is of paramount importance to make effective repairs without any delay to protect the integrity of your property.

Window & Door Doctor Anglia Ltd will also make sure that the repairs and replacement locks are up to current British Standards and suitable for the purpose, using the new anti-snap locks that are difficult to snap so the new locks often serve as a deterrent by preventing further break-ins.

Window & Door Doctor Anglia Ltd will provide a set of 3 new keys with every lock replacement and can replace handles that maybe have been broken by intruders.