What Value does a Conservatory have?

A Professionally designed and built Conservatory adds enormously to the living space in one’s home. Providing additional living space has benefits for a family allowing extra convenience for dining, entertaining, enjoying leisure time and for relaxing with home entertainment systems, and can provide leisure space for exercise equipment or simply chilling out with a good book.
Added value to your home, that will increase its asset value.

To obtain maximum value from this additional living space it is wise to consider where best to install it, to maximise the amount of light and warmth available, to gain the maximum amount of extra space, to ensure that it is a practically valuable space i.e. roomy and user-friendly and that fits within your budget.

Good quality professional design and installation is essential to ensure that your requirements are met and that it is designed to suit your lifestyle.
Conservatories may be more elegantly designed by having a more angular Edwardian look or a Gable shape, or a bespoke style to accentuate unique the look of your home.

The Window & Door Doctor Anglia Ltd is able to design and custom build all contemporary and traditional styles of Conservatory to suit each customers preference.