UPVC Doors

Window & Door Doctor Anglia Ltd
UPVC Doors are much more than beautiful to look at, especially when properly fitted by a professional installer.

What do uPVC DOORS offer to homeowners?
They retain their good looks long after they are fitted, for years and years,
uPVC Doors keep their colour; Blue, White, Brown, unlike painted doors.
Professionally installed uPVC Doors are far more Secure than ordinary wooden doors.

Heat is less likely to migrate through uPVC Doors making them more efficient and keeping your home warmer at less expense.

Noise from outside the home is reduced due to the insulating effect of well-fitted Doors,

uPVC Doors can be washed down easily to maintain their striking good looks.

Window & Door Doctor Anglia Ltd is a professional installer who can be relied upon to ensure that the entrance doors into your home will enhance the value of your property and it’s kerb-side appeal.